Are You Considering a Custom Headboard? Know Your Options

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Are You Considering a Custom Headboard? Know Your Options

The headboard is often the centerpiece of a bed design. Bedding can be changed fairly often, but a headboard should last for years. That’s why you need high quality and a design that perfectly fits your personality. At Louis Interiors, we design custom headboards from Toronto, to your specifications.

Create the Room You Want

Louis Interiors specializes in Toronto custom furniture design, and our custom headboards feature the same sturdy quality you expect from all of our handmade pieces. We use kiln-dried soft maple wood, a versatile hard wood that makes long-lasting headboards durable enough for adult or kid beds. With a custom headboard, you can ensure that the most important piece on your bed fits with your vision for the room you want. Our soft maple designs can be stained to match nearly any wood colour.

  • Digital design process allows you to see exactly what your headboard will look like
  • Handmade technique ensures expert craftsmanship and details that you can’t get from assembly line manufacturing
  • Match the finish to your existing furniture or bed frame

When you start thinking about what style of headboard you want, first consider whether you’d like a finished wood headboard, or an upholstered headboard. Upholstery on a headboard can create a sleek, modern look for your bedroom, especially when you choose a solid, neutral fabric color. Upholstery can also create a look of decadence if you choose bold patterns.

Also, don’t forget the details. A headboard doesn’t have to be boring. Louis Interiors can add nailhead trim to your headboard, giving it a unique look that stands out from the typical headboard design. If you go with an upholstered headboard, we can also including tufting, which gives the upholstery visual depth. Whichever style you choose, our experienced team will build a headboard that suits the exact size of your bed frame.

Recreate or Personalize a Favorite Design

If you show us a picture of sketch of the design you’d like, we can recreate your favorite headboard look. Because each piece is custom made, we can even modify the picture you show us, so that you get a personalized product. Instead of merely looking around at a showcase and choosing from what’s already made, you have a multitude of designs available from nearly any source. Our craftspeople have the experience to construct nearly any style of headboard, and adjust your vision to fit your bed frame.

Get the headboard you saw:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google images
  • Your sketch
  • A detailed drawing

We’ll take your inspiration and create your own affordable headboard!

A Unique Experience for Guests

We construct custom headboards for both residential and hotel interior design projects, and we put the same level of quality of design and construction into both types of project. Regardless of where someone is sleeping, a bed should bring up feelings of comfort and relaxation. That’s why we put the same level of detail into our hotel headboards. At Louis Interiors, we understand that your guests are looking for a home away from home.

You Call the Shots

Our custom headboards come in two installation styles: attached to the bed frame or installed on the wall. Each type has its pros and cons. Attaching the headboard to the bed frame is the more traditional route to take, and if your bedroom has a classic style, the attached headboard will fit right in with your look. On the downside, an attached headboard is made specifically for your bed frame, and if you change frames, you may not be able to keep the headboard without some adjustments, unless the new frame is similar to the previous frame.

A headboard that is installed to your wall, on the other hand, stays where it is, even if you change frames. So, you may have a little more versatility in that respect. However, if you want to move the position of the bed or change to a drastically different frame size, you will have to uninstall the headboard from the wall, which will include filling in drill holes from installation. These headboards fit best with more modern décor.

Our team loves a challenge. In addition to your custom headboard, Louis Interiors will upholster wall panels or ceilings in order to pull together the look of your bedroom. You’ll have a complete custom design that makes your most sacred space uniquely yours. It also creates a unified theme for hotel guest rooms, giving your guests a sense of luxury. With this option, you’ll have matching or complementary custom upholstery throughout your room.

Are you ready to see the difference between a boring assembly line headboard and one that is custom made to suit your needs? Contact our friendly experts today and get started bringing your custom Toronto headboard design image or sketch into reality.