Celebrating Design at DXI 2015: Kismet

Celebrating Design at DXI 2015: Kismet

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” So said the great poet and playwright, William Shakespeare. And that thought is the essence of DXI 2015.

DX Intersection is an annual celebration of design that supports Design Exchange—Canada’s Design Museum, and Kismet is this year’s event theme. Kismet honours the awardees of DXI 2015, George Yabu and Glen Pushelberg. In the spirit of Shakespeare’s line about destiny, these two designers have forged a partnership that seemed to be fate—but they took hold of it and worked towards their shared vision to contribute decades of excellence in design.

Louis Interiors has long been a fan of Yabu and Pushelberg’s designs, and we are proud to be a creative partner in the upcoming celebration on November 7. We invite those who are invested in design to find out more about the event and sign up to attend DXI: Kismet.

What is DX Intersection?

DX Intersection is the yearly fundraising event for Design Exchange, a non-profit museum. The event is regularly attended by hundreds of art, fashion, design and philanthropic guests. Design Exchange supports design excellence and heritage in multiple disciplines, including furniture, architecture, graphics, and fashion. Design professionals from all fields are welcome to attend the event, and it’s easy to sign up online. DXI is one of the museum’s biggest sources of funding, since it relies entirely on members and donors to continue operation.

Design Exchange hosts not only exhibitions, but also professional workshops and youth programs. These programs allow discussion around design to continue and offers young designers access to ideas and talks that are difficult to find elsewhere. The students are exposed to new ways to solve problems creatively, by honing design skills. In addition, the museum’s exhibits and special programs offer the public a glimpse into the importance of design.

Louis Interiors feels that it’s important to support institutions like Design Exchange in order to continue high standards in furniture design and other design fields. The museum helps make it possible for quality design innovation to continue. For us, participating in DXI is supporting the tradition of fine craftsmanship over cookie-cutter designs off an assembly line.

Who are George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg?

Each year, DX celebrates a Canadian individual or partnership that exemplifies creativity, outstanding talent, and innovative vision. George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg more than meet those requirements. Accordingly, Kismet provides a fun and philanthropic atmosphere to express gratitude to these two outstanding individuals.

Yabu and Pushelberg are two interior designers who met by chance in 1972 at Ryerson University in Toronto and then went on to create Yabu Pushelberg, an award-winning design firm that has had international influence. That’s why this year’s DXI theme is Kismet, a word that refers to fate or destiny. Kismet celebrates these chance occurrences that accelerate creativity and lead to new leaps in the creative professions.

The fate that pulled Yabu and Pushelberg together has changed the world of design, and their partnership has now stood firm for over three decades. Their firm designs interiors, furniture, and other products for retail, hospitality, and residential projects. Yabu Pushelberg has studios across multiple continents, including one here in Toronto, which has expanded their influence considerably. In fact, in 2013 the pair received the Order of Canada for international design excellence.

Louis Interiors is a proud manufacturer of Yabu Pushelberg designed furniture since 1994! Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada, Louis Interiors has had the wonderful experience of bringing to life the masterful designs of Yabu Pushelberg. We are delighted to be a creative sponsor in the upcoming event honouring two of the most innovative leaders in the design world.

We invite you to take part in this one-time only celebration of these two masters of design. Get tickets to the event now and see the most recent innovations in the design industry.