Choosing Designer Furniture for Rented Spaces

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Choosing Designer Furniture for Rented Spaces

Providing interior decorating and design services for a rented space in Toronto, like apartments or condos, is a bit different from designing a space that your client owns or plans to own. This is especially true if the client knows they won’t be staying in the place long-term. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want the space to feel like their own while they are living there. And custom furniture is one way they can claim their space without making permanent alterations to the rooms. Here is how you can help your clients in choosing designer furniture for rented spaces.

Work with what is there

When you are designing a rented space, there are going to be elements that you and your client may not necessarily find appealing. And because they do not own the space, you may not be able to make any major changes to these elements. So you will have to get creative and make decisions that allow those elements to become part of the design rather than having them stick out. Think integration rather than concealment.

Some examples of design elements you may have no control over include window size and placement, and even the view outside the window. You may not be able to change the main color schemes of the walls and flooring. All of these can affect the choices of colour and arrangement of furniture. When you cannot change these elements, it is even more important that you are able to get furniture pieces that are available in colours, shapes, and sizes that work with the default appearance of the space. Custom furniture makers solve this problem for you by allowing you to personalize each piece of furniture you bring into the space. The fabric colours, patterns, wood tone, and accents are all customizable.

Advise your client not to rush

It’s understandable that your client wants to make the space their own as soon as possible. But there’s good reason to tell them to live in their rented space for a little while before you provide design services. Rather than having them rush to fill the place up, suggest that they take their time and find quality custom furniture pieces that will truly fit their needs. The advantages of this are that your client will have a better idea of what items they truly need and what aesthetic will work for them in the space after they have lived in it. This will prevent the unfortunate scenario of your client ending up with a look they don’t love but now can’t afford to replace.

Custom furniture is perfect for getting the most from your money. As you and your client go through the process of designing just the right designer furniture, you will get a better idea of what works for the space and what is truly necessary for the client to be happy with the finished look. Share this article with your client as part of your plan for tackling their design project.

Consider the actualization of your plan

If you’re renting a fifth story apartment in a small hallway, you’re going to have a difficult time getting large furniture in and out of the place. You should plan ahead for this before selecting pieces for the space. The good thing is that designer furniture does not have to mean bulky, especially when you work with custom furniture makers. Our team at Louis Interiors can help you design modular furniture pieces that can be brought into the apartment in pieces, making getting them upstairs, down the hallway, and through your door much easier.

Additionally, if your rented space is on the smaller side, then every centimeter of space counts. Because our crafting processes allow you to specify nearly every aspect of the custom furniture, you can request pieces to be a bit smaller to complement the rooms you are working with. That is something you simply cannot get when you shop for pre-manufactured furniture.

Remove the limits on your client’s vision for their rented space. Work with a superior designer furniture company in Toronto by contacting Louis Interiors today.