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Custom Furniture from New York

Furniture Manufacturing for the New York Lifestyle

Louis Interiors manufactures custom made furniture for NYC homes and businesses. Each of our pieces is crafted by hand to give your space a distinctive style, whether it is for an apartment, restaurant, hotel, or office. You’ll find that Louis Interiors is the choice for New York custom furniture that is completed on time with precision quality.

We understand the need to maximize your design space with furniture that fits just right. And that’s why each piece from Louis Interiors is measured to your specifications and designed just for you. You do not have to settle for wrong-sized furniture and limited options.

Take a look at what we offer as custom furniture manufacturers:

  • Daybeds to save space while lending a casual atmosphere to your apartment
  • Ottomans that can double as storage space
  • Banquettes for comfortable group seating
  • Dining chairs constructed from sturdy maple wood
  • Lounge chairs in either modern or classic styles for home or commercial seating
  • Sofas in all sizes, and even available in modular pieces that are easy to get into your apartment

Our team of furniture manufacturers has experience in designing, constructing, and customizing any type of furniture you may need. You can see the quality in our products. No showroom pieces here. Instead, what you get are individually, handcrafted furniture made through time-tested methods, and that stand the test of time through attentive craftsmanship.

Modern Appeal with Old World Quality

What one word describes custom made furniture from Louis Interiors? Class.

Class means making quality furniture using the methods that we know are best instead of caving into mass production pressure. No assembly lines. No methods that put speed over quality. And we will still get your furniture to you when you need it!

We put the same care into our smallest projects that we put into the largest order. And no matter how many pieces you order, you can rest assured that each one was given the same attention to detail. We take orders for individual pieces of furniture; living room, bedroom, and dining sets; and large orders of beds, tables, and chairs for restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

Are you looking for a sophisticated update for your NYC office space? Take a look at our designs. Modern office spaces are utilizing more casual seating areas to increase creativity and team efforts. That’s where a couch or set of lounge chairs from Louis Interiors can come into play to get your team together for a creative session. Comfort is key to productivity.

Your Design, Our Expertise

What do we mean when we say custom furniture? Each piece you order from Louis Interiors is designed to your exact specifications. You get the ultimate in individualized style.

How are we able to exceed your design expectations?

We make sure your furniture is exactly what you want, with superior quality, by making you a part of the design process from the very beginning. You are the designer. We are the experts.

Hand-Placed Springs—Your restaurant patrons will tell the difference in our hand-placed springs. They provide superior comfort to the drop-in machine-tied springs used in cheaper furniture. We pay attention to every detail, inside and out, and that’s why our furniture blows away the rest.

At Louis Interiors, you can take as much of a role in designing your finished product as you desire.
Here’s all you have to do:

  • Bring in a photo of a furniture design you like, printed or clipped from a magazine.
  • Draw a pencil sketch of your furniture concept—don’t worry if it’s basic.
  • Illustrate a drawing of your ideal piece of furniture.
  • Design a computer graphic that shows us what you want.
  • Or just talk to us about the furniture features you are looking for.

What happens next?

We go over your design with you and create a CAD blueprint to follow, so you know your final piece will match your vision. Our expert team will also provide suggestions to make your design even better.

We can offer suggestions on wood finishing options, fabric and leather options, and detail work available for your furniture, as well as other aspects of the furniture crafting process.

Enjoy a little peek at the types of detail work we can add to your finished custom furniture:

  • Nailhead trim
  • Button tufting
  • Topstitching
  • Tapered wooden legs

Not sure what these options look like? Just ask us! We love to talk about our craft and are more than happy to show you examples.

What You Get with Our Unparalleled Quality

We could talk all day about our furniture and how we craft it with our own hands. But instead, let us give you a quick rundown of the type of quality you can expect from Louis Interiors custom made furniture for NYC.

Materials—We use only the best. We source our fabric from the best textile mills in the world. And that means we can offer commercial grade fabrics that will stand up to daily use and traffic from patrons coming and going.

You’ll also find genuine leather available for a classy look for your apartment. And if you need something a bit easier to care for, we have vinyl in a large selection of colours, sealed with a protectant finish to keep your furniture looking great.

And don’t get us started on our wood. We utilize locally-grown and sustainable soft-maple wood. Don’t be fooled by the name. It is a hard wood that will ensure your custom furniture lasts and resists damage. We finish it off with high-quality lacquers and wood finishes so you won’t have to worry about stains or mold.

Environmentally-Aware Design

At Louis Interiors, we take every opportunity to make our furniture manufacturing process good for the earth. We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the process so we can maintain a sustainable business that lasts as long as our furniture. When you buy our custom furniture for your New York space, know that you are buying responsibly.

We repurpose our wood shavings by selling it to local farms, and we only source our trees from sustainably-grown forests, as well as other efforts to reuse our waste materials.

We Create Custom Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.