Design Trends: Attracting Millennials to Your Restaurant

Design Trends: Attracting Millennials to Your Restaurant

As a Toronto restaurant owner, it’s understandable that you put a lot of thought into your food. But, we’re sure you are aware that the atmosphere in your restaurant is nearly as important as what you put on the table. We make it a point to stay on top of design trends in Toronto restaurant furniture, and we’d like to show you what we’ve discovered about attracting Millennials to your restaurant.

Employ subtlety

Restaurant interior design is its own unique field of innovation. What works in a home is not necessarily the same as what works for restaurant décor, but various trends often move from one environment to the other in ways that work for that space. Modern restaurants are moving away from eclectic décor and taking a simpler approach that creates a sleek atmosphere.

One method being used to streamline restaurants’ appearances is easy-to-navigate furniture layouts. Designers are employing straight pathways between tables. This helps to create a coherent space while also allowing both customers and staff to walk between tables without disturbing other guests.

Overall, heavy industrial design is slowly seeing its way out the door. On-point restaurants are utilizing more subtlety and simplicity in their designs. On that note, be wary of using too much wood or heavy-looking wooden furniture in your restaurant design.

Make it interesting

Individuality is prized among Millennials, and unique designs help your restaurant to stand out. But, stay away from the in-your-face décor that was once popular. Instead, choose your accent pieces carefully. One well-placed mural works better than twenty road signs nailed to the wall.

Additionally, hand-built furniture and fixtures are a trend that is still growing. Millennials appreciate handcrafted items that show the art and skill put into them. Handmade items make the restaurant feel intimate, creating a connection between patrons and the real people who put time into making the atmosphere and mood possible. There is a spark of humanity seen in the small differences in handcrafted furniture and accent décor. It makes the place feel more special than the rolled-off-the-assembly-line appearance of chain restaurants.

Millennials, on the whole, tend to be drawn to natural materials. It represents sustainability and environmental awareness to them, and they lean towards restaurant options that uphold those values. They can tell the difference between fake wood paneling and real solid wood furniture.

Add local flair

Restaurant interior design is moving away from national chains that look the same at every location. Instead, Millennial guests relish aspects of local individuality in the items they purchase and the places they frequent. You have many options for taking advantage of this in your design plans. For instance, Toronto is a city with diverse heritage. If your menu features several dishes inspired by a particular culture, include cultural pieces that match your cuisine in the design scheme. Again, it can be subtle. It does not have to be a huge focal point piece. For example, simply adding upholstery fabric with a culturally significant symbol is enough to subtly acknowledge that history in your cuisine.

Don’t be afraid to merge past, present, and future. Having a piece of décor that gives a nod to local history does not mean you can’t also have forward-looking design incorporated into the look of your restaurant.

Arrange furniture for optimal socializing

Some restaurants are catering to the Millennial desire for socializing by providing lightweight tables and chairs that can easily be moved around to allow larger groups to gather. Another option for flexible seating is to offer long tables that can accommodate large groups for socializing. And yet other modern restaurants have created more seating options by offering lounge areas with small armchairs, as well as other table offerings. Variety and options are good bets when considering restaurant furniture. You really can’t go wrong with a combination of tables with restaurant chairs and banquettes.

In addition to social seating arrangements, restaurants wanting to attract Millennials need to keep in mind that they, more than any other age group, like to share their experiences via social media. What that means for your business is that you should consider design elements that photograph well and create unique backdrops for photos. This tendency can also work with your marketing efforts if you include décor and custom furniture that Millennials want to share on social media.

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