Finding the Colour Your Client Really Wants

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Finding the Colour Your Client Really Wants

Have you noticed a pattern among showroom furniture pieces? The colours usually range from cream to beige to tan, right? When it comes to pre-made furniture, designers typically try to stay in the neutral range for the most part. That’s not to say you won’t find a few nice pieces that stand out with a bold pattern or colour, but it’s quite difficult to find what you and your client are looking for if you want anything other than pieces that blend in and fade into the room.

And designers for these kinds of furniture use neutral colours for a reason–they can be made to work in a room with almost any colour scheme. But you don’t want pieces for your client that just “work”. You want pieces that make them confident in their decision of hiring you and motivate them to refer you to their friends. That’s why we suggest utilising custom made furniture from Toronto for finding the colour your client really wants.

Luxury furniture draws the gaze

Neutral furniture may be easy to incorporate into a room, but it will never be the focal point of a space. If your client is looking for something eye-popping, luxury furniture made with premium fabrics is the best way to get the look they desire. And when you design custom made furniture for the space, you can tailor the furniture to the exact colour scheme and aesthetic you are creating. Not only will your client be happier with the result, but you will actually save yourself time that would otherwise be spent hunting down “the perfect” piece. The problem is that when you find rather than design, the piece of furniture is never exactly perfect. It is never exactly the client’s vision.

With luxury furniture from Louis Interiors, on the other hand, you have complete control over how the finished piece looks. And that makes you your client’s hero when you deliver to them their actual perfect piece of furniture, the piece that makes the room. We work with all fabrics and leathers in a range of colours and many distinctive patterns. And here’s the amazing part. Our furniture is not pre-made, and it does not force you to select from a few almost perfect choices. Instead, you choose the design you want, and you choose the fabric and colour you want, and then we make the piece for you exactly as you requested. That means you can get any furniture style with exactly the colour your client desires.

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Trouble choosing a colour?

Do you have a client who just can’t decide what they want? We have some suggestions on the top colour trends going on right now. Metallic shades have been in for a while, and the way they shimmer in the light makes them a continuing favourite amongst many luxury furniture buyers. It’s just human nature to be drawn to objects that sparkle and shine. And the nice thing is you can get the metallic effect on leather without necessarily using traditionally metallic colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few colour ideas.

Other colour trends pull from both ends of the spectrum. Pastel furniture is a long-term trend that won’t fade away soon. One of the best ways to incorporate pastels is as a way to balance and complement a room with lots of other bold pieces or vibrant walls. And the other big colour trend comes from the opposite direction, with intensely coloured furniture. These pieces work well in a more toned down and minimal room so they can stand out as a signature piece. Whichever aesthetics your client is going for, utilising a complementary set of colours in a space is definitely preferable to allowing bland neutrals to cover every surface out of fear of something not matching.

One more thing. If you don’t find the exact fabric you want from our selection, we are also happy to have a fabric you find somewhere else shipped to our facilities so that we can use it to create your custom made furniture piece. Show us your design idea to get started.