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Hotel Furniture

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Louis Interiors is a manufacturer of custom made hotel furniture. We’ve been in this business for five decades, and we understand that your hotel requires more than run-of-the-mill furniture. You need quality and durability that will stand up against the daily coming and going of patrons.

And you need each one of those guests to feel welcome and comfortable in your establishment. That’s why Louis Interiors continues to use Old World manufacturing techniques. Each of our pieces is handcrafted. And we are still capable of producing a full order of hotel beds, tables, and chairs with on-time delivery—no assembly line needed.

We know a thing or two about providing a luxury experience, and we enjoy the challenge of matching your hotel’s unique ambience with a perfect set of hotel furniture. Your guests deserve to truly relax while staying with you, and we want to help you make that happen.

Why Custom Made Furniture Is Right for Your Hotel

Setting the right mood for each room in your hotel requires a keen design eye, as well as the right vision. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for mass-produced hotel furniture that looks the same as every other hotel. Why limit your options, and your ability to surround your guests with luxury, when you can get distinctive pieces designed to your exact specifications?

When you order from Louis Interiors, you don’t have to worry about setting for hotel furniture that isn’t quite what you were looking for. You tell us exactly what dimensions, colours, fabrics, and embellishments you desire. Then, we put it all together in a finished piece your hotel can be proud to show off to your guests.

Louis Interiors custom hotel furniture adapts to the atmosphere you create for your hotel. It can be classic, bold, modern, colourful, subdued, or any other aesthetic you please. Just show us a photo or drawing of the mood you would like to set with your hotel’s lounge, dining area, entryway, and rooms. We will take care of crafting pieces for you to be proud of.

Create a Luxury Hotel Atmosphere for Your Guests

Luxury comes in many forms, and at Louis Interiors we’re practiced in creating a variety of luxury furniture aesthetics. We can craft classy, minimal furniture that leaves large sections of bare wood with few embellishments. We create bold, modern furniture with sleek edges and unique shapes. And we make classically decadent furniture with elegant lines and accents that stand out in any room.

It is often the details that make the difference between the typical and the luxurious. And at Louis Interiors we never leave out the little details. Ask us about your luxury accent pillows to add the extra embellishment your hotel rooms need.

For the ultimate luxury experience, we fill our pillows with a down and feather blend in just the right proportions. This results in a pillow with maximum comfort and just the right firmness to keep your guests comfortable. Use them on beds and chairs throughout your establishment.

We also find that creating intimate areas for conversation makes a hotel feel even more special. Whether it is a romantic couple getting away for the weekend or business partners discussing a deal, consider ordering your armchairs in pairs so they can be set close together to invite guests to hold their conversations in your lounge area or in their room.

Luxury hotels are all about convenience for the guests, and setting up all areas of your hotel to make getting together convenient shows your guests that you have thought about how they use your spaces. Do not fall into the trap of thinking the lobby matters less than the rooms. Every space in your hotel can maximize your guests’ experiences.

The Difference a Louis Interiors Headboard Can Make
Every piece of furniture in your hotel is important. But the bed is the true star. One thing every hotel guest looks forward to is a good night’s sleep at their home away from home. And that’s why we put extra effort into designing bed frames and headboards that epitomize luxury rest and relaxation.

Does the headboard really make a difference? After all, your guest won’t be sleeping on it. Although it is true that the headboard does not serve a major functional purpose, it is one of the main features your guests will see when they walk into the bedroom area of your hotel room.

It is like a beacon inviting them in for a good night’s rest. And that’s why it’s so important to get the headboard right. Like any other hotel furniture piece, choosing the right headboard involves determining specifically what atmosphere, or mood, you are trying to create.

Our headboards can be designed to attach to the bed frames—creating a classic appearance—or to the wall—for a more modern look.

We know that luxury comes in many forms. Some of the options available to you are minimalist wooden headboards, or at the other extreme, headboards wrapped in lush fabric with button-tufting detail work.

If you are looking for beds for your hotel, we can custom design the headboards to go with our handcrafted bed frames. However, you don’t need to be in the market for new beds in order to add luxury headboards to your hotel’s amenities. We can just as easily measure your existing bed frames and create unique headboards that fit perfectly with your existing setup.

Modern Hotel Furniture That Is Built to Last

We strive to find the right blend of modern design processes with time-tested manufacturing techniques. Our European handcrafting methods create the most durable and longest lasting furniture you will find in the hotel furniture industry. But that does not mean we eschew technology.

Our digital design process allows us to work with our clients to ensure the piece you envision is the piece you get.

Rest assured that Old World technique does not mean limited styles. Our quality craftsmanship includes many modern designs that you will be proud to display in your luxury hotel.

We Create Hotel Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.