How to Increase the Luxury Atmosphere of Your Retail Store

How to Increase the Luxury Atmosphere of Your Retail Store

What comes to mind when you think of high-end clothing stores, like Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Simons? What these places have in common is that they sell luxury items, and they create the environment to match it. The appearance of a store speaks volumes about the perceived quality of the products. No matter how high quality your clothing, jewelry, or shoes may be, consumers will be turned off if you don’t take pride in the look of your store. In fact, customers at high-end retail locations expect a luxurious setting to shop in. We can help by designing luxury furniture from Toronto.

What Can You Do to Increase the Feel of Luxury?

Let’s take Holt Renfrew as an example. When you walk into one of their stores, you immediately get a sense of grand living. They feature open staircases, modern lighting, and sleek, comfortable furniture. They even offer amenities for shoppers, like cafés and spas attached to their stores. When you pamper your customers, they’re more likely to pamper themselves by taking home your products.

Louis Interiors can help you bring a sense of grandeur to your customers’ experience with our Toronto custom furniture. With our furniture, you get a unique statement piece that brings your store to life and perfectly fits the atmosphere you’re creating.

For example, our hand-constructed ottomans make perfect seating for guests trying on shoes and accessories, or as a place to rest with shopping bags when they’re out with a group. Giant ottomans are a no-brainer match for luxury retail stores:

Ottomans provide a circular, oval, square, or rectangular shape that allows guests to sit on any side, viewing the store in all directions.

No chair back means that your guests have an unobstructed view of items.

The cozy upholstery is more comfortable than a wooden bench.

Our ottomans can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and built to your specific dimensions, to personalize your décor and ensure guest comfort.

Ottomans can be placed in nearly any part of your store and allow seating for multiple people, which saves space over spread out chairs.

Have You Thought of Your Guests?

Comfortable furniture can make the difference between a guest leaving or staying longer. If they’ve had a long day shopping, they may just want to sit down. When you offer a relaxing place to rest, they have the opportunity to recharge before continuing their shopping excursion. With no comfortable options, guests may simply opt to go home and rest.

In fact, appealing furniture that is well placed gives guests a chance to continue browsing while they rest their feet.

Here are a few tips for placing your luxury furniture:

Place seating where guests will easily see it.

Give guests enough room to navigate around the furniture rather than placing displays too close.

Arrange the displays around your seating so that resting guests can continue to browse you items.

Luxury furniture is often considered for residential and hospitality locations, but other businesses can also benefit from providing a bit of luxury to their customers. Never underestimate the way that comfortable seating can influence your guests. The longer they stay to browse, the more likely they are to go home with one or more of your offerings.

Indeed, a store that offers ample seating can also make itself a destination for groups of shoppers who want to be able to socialize as they shop. People are often more likely to make a purchase when they are with a group of friends. Again, take Holt Renfrew as example. Not only do they include beautiful furniture that makes guests feel special, they also provide amenities to keep their guests at their location. Rather than leaving for lunch, for instance, Holt Renfrew offers a café, so guests need not leave their store and can resume shopping after eating. Guests may even show up to eat in the café, and stay for the shopping.

You can bring this same concept to your luxury retail store by starting with luxury furniture. Give your guests a place to linger. Even if they are not inspired to make an additional purchase, you’ve just won their respect as an inviting place to do their shopping. Browse our catalogue today to get ideas for your own retail store furniture.