Ideas for Making the Most of Sectional Sofas

Ideas for Making the Most of Sectional Sofas

One of the most important aspects of luxury is comfort. And there are few pieces of furniture that can bring comfort to mind as easily as sectional sofas. They are a staple piece of furniture for turning any room into a place to relax and enjoy the company of those you care about. But most people stick a sectional sofa in the living room in front of the television and call it done. When designing functional spaces for design clients, you don’t have to stick with tried and true furniture placement. After all, they are hiring you for fresh ideas. And we have some great ideas for making the most of sectional sofas.

Bring luxury furniture into the office

If your client has a separate room devoted to being a home office space, you can really make the place feel like a professional office space while maintaining the relaxed vibe that comes along with working from home. It is the ultimate in productivity and comfort. Many home offices utilize a loveseat or armchair to create extra seating aside from the office desk. Sometimes people just need to get up from the desk to do some more creative work, research, or planning. Or to take care of tasks that don’t require a computer.

Having extra seating in the home office can also allow your client to change things up and do some work from their phone or tablet rather than the computer. But since home offices are typically used for just one person, why try sectional sofas for that space? For one thing, it can really round out a room that may otherwise be sparsely furnished. And that aesthetic alone can make your clients feel more comfortable in their office. But there are practical applications as well. If your client does work that may call for a meeting, sectional sofas provide a nice area to seat multiple people in a configuration that can facilitate conversation.

Sectional sofas make guest rooms extra cozy

If your client plans to have family or friends who visit for several days at a time, sectional sofas can also be an option in guest rooms. We’re not talking about putting guests in a tiny space and making them sleep on the couch either. We’re talking about creating a space with luxury furniture where guests can truly feel comfortable while in someone else’s home. By adding sectional sofas to guest rooms, you are providing potential guests with an area where they can relax privately. The bed in a guest room of course offers privacy and comfort, but there may be moments where a guest would just like to sit and read or check their email for a few minute before joining the household. And having private seating can make guests feel more comfortable and like the host has thought about their needs during the visit. Adding plenty of comfortable seating to rooms where you wouldn’t normally find it is an unexpected touch that makes a huge difference.

Create adult space in the play room

This last suggestion for utilizing a sectional sofa in unexpected ways is one of our favorites. If your client has a room devoted to being a play space for the little ones, why not add some luxury furniture to the space in order to create an area where adults can hang out and supervise for a little while, or sit to read a story to the kids. Luxury does not have to mean fussy, and Louis Interiors provides plenty of pieces that will stand up to spills or messes kids may make while playing. We have many durable fabrics to choose from that will look great without the worry that the kids will ruin it. And sectional sofas make a great option. Although a single chair is traditional for story time in a play room, providing more seating means the whole family, including adults and older children, can join in during this bonding time.

We hope this article has given you some good ideas, or sparked new ideas, for utilizing sectional sofas in more exciting ways. If you’re ready to get ideas for a unique piece of luxury furniture for your clients, ask us about the sectional sofas we have constructed.