Looking for a Conversation Piece for Your Restaurant? Consider Unique Banquettes

Looking for a Conversation Piece for Your Restaurant? Consider Unique Banquettes

Comfortable restaurant seating is about giving your guests options. Different dining situations call for chairs or banquettes. Some people prefer one over the other. In addition, adding Toronto restaurant banquettes can break up the monotony of your dining area by providing a visual contrast. If you’re not sure whether banquettes are right for your restaurant, read on to find out more about the advantages of this unique piece of Toronto restaurant furniture.

Seating that Fits Any Décor

The banquette is a staple piece of furniture for any restaurant. It’s been popular in North American dining establishments since the early twentieth century and saw a peak in the 1950’s diners. That means it will look great in your dining area whether your theme is classic or modern design.

Booths allow even more diversity in appearance than dining chairs. They can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, including cloth, linen, suede, and leather. At Louis Interiors, we always use the highest grade textiles so that they stand up to the constant friction of guests sitting and rising. When you create a piece of custom furniture with us, you can be sure it will last through years of wear.

In addition to various colours, patterns, and textiles, booth seating has the additional feature of being constructed in multiple shapes. You can put a straight banquette up against a wall or back-to-back with other booths. L-shaped restaurant banquettes fit well at corner tables. And, you can even have a U-shaped (or horse shoe) banquette to accommodate circular tables.

Want to Fit More Guests?

The diversity of banquette shapes is a distinct advantage in making the most of your space. It helps you to fit tables throughout your dining area. Also, groups of guests fit closer together on restaurant banquette seating than in side-by-side chairs. Banquettes are especially helpful in seating large parties at your restaurant.

Dinner guests also feel like they have more privacy in a booth. The high back helps them to feel somewhat closed off from other diners, creating a more intimate setting for couple’s dinners or simple family gatherings. Booth-style seating with facing banquettes almost creates a separate little room for diners to enjoy.

Just Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake . . .

Mixing a banquette and chairs on opposite sides of a table can be a perfect solution for tables that face out from the wall of your restaurant. This setup tends to save more seating space. However, it is crucial to ensure that the banquette and chairs have the same seat height. Otherwise, your guests will feel out of place and may not be able to comfortably reach the table.

The good news is that you never have to worry about this with a restaurant banquette from Louis Interiors. Our professionals will attend to every detail, including measuring the height of any current tables and chairs you are using. If you are also purchasing the table or chairs from us, we guarantee each piece will be measured to correct, proportionate seating heights.

We can guarantee this because each of our banquette frames are designed and made by hand in our facilities, using kiln-dried soft maple wood. That’s the advantage of custom furniture from Toronto. We’ll make sure you’re getting exactly what your restaurant needs.

Don’t Forget the Fun Factor

Banquettes, quite simply, make a fun seating arrangement for guests, even in sophisticated settings. Millennials (and more frequently, guests of all ages) love to take photos wherever they go, especially if they are having a great time with friends. This is great news for your business! The frequency of pictures being snapped from smartphones increases the chances of your restaurant getting seen in various online media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, news sites, or blogs.

People will be even more likely to notice the photo (and your restaurant) in a positive way if they see a stunning atmosphere, including clean, well-made banquettes. Think about it. Guests will often snap a picture from across the table, and a beautifully designed banquette creates a background that gets noticed. Your restaurant furniture is one way to make your restaurant stand out as top of the line.

What impression do you want to make with your restaurant furniture? Talk to one of our experts today to get started designing your unique restaurant banquettes from Toronto’s best custom furniture company.