Making the Most of New York Office Space

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Making the Most of New York Office Space

Office design matters when it comes to work efficiency and productivity. It may not be the most important factor, but properly utilizing the space and furniture in your office will make a noticeable difference. One aspect that really helps is utilizing the finite space available to workers in a way that keeps them from feeling crowded in but still facilitates group work when needed. The right furniture can go a long way towards creating more useable workspace in a cramped office.

Make lighting adjustable

Good lighting is essential to doing desk work. But overhead lights may not provide sufficient lighting for particular tasks. The desks you use in your office should provide space for desk lamps, whether the office is providing them or employees are allowed to bring in their own lamps. The desks should also be designed in a way that allows lamps to be safely and conveniently plugged into outlets.

Custom furniture allows you to create areas that can be fit to the specific needs of your office employees. You may even want to consider providing side tables like this one that can accommodate more lighting options near work areas.

Why is lighting so important in an office? Bad lighting can cause a variety of inconveniences for employees, including eye strain and headaches. Although these are minor health issues, they really can reduce productivity. Dry, irritated eyes make it extremely difficult for employees to focus on their computer screen.

Aside from artificial lighting considerations, it’s also a good idea to have furniture that can be arranged to provide employees with as much natural lighting as possible. That is why large, solid furniture is not necessarily the best option for your office space. These types of furniture take up space and block light coming through the windows, which may be scarce to begin with. Opting instead for light, modern furniture allows you to move pieces around and arrange the best setups for specific work situations.

Create different work spaces

Giving employees multiple spaces to work in can greatly improve office productivity. Studies have shown that moving to different areas throughout the day helps people to refocus and increase their output. Moving to a new space provides new room qualities and things to look at. Helping employees to shift the gears in their brains like this allows them to keep moving forward with tasks.

That’s why office spaces with lounge areas, individual desks, conference rooms, break rooms, and various other areas are beneficial to employee productivity. Working with a provider of custom furniture allows you to find furniture that will fit the needs of each of your office areas. Employees do not have to sit at individual desks the whole time they are working. Standing around a conference table to lay out plans, charts, and other visuals can help them to generate and organize ideas.

And businesses that utilize mobile devices like smartphones or laptops can offer employees the ability to move from their desks to other areas and continue working while still getting a change of scenery. A lounge area, for instance, can offer employees a chance to change positions and collaborate with each other by providing a variety of furniture options. Chaises, armchairs, and sofas in varying sizes work well for providing discussion areas and places to take mobile work equipment when employees need to get away from their desks for a while.

These spaces don’t have to look like standard office space. You can experiment with various looks and arrangements to see what creates an atmosphere most conducive to getting work done while remaining comfortable. Modular sofas are an idea for creating work spaces that can be manipulated to fit the needs of different groups in your office. Light furniture that is easy to move around is also much better than big, heavy pieces that are stuck in one place.

The modern furniture provided by Louis Interiors provides light frames that can easily be made into modular pieces for use as chairs, sectional sofas, and loveseats. But our work is also expertly crafted to provide quality custom furniture pieces that will stand up to the wear and tear of a busy office and use by dozens of employees every day. Talk to our New York custom furniture team for ideas for modernizing your office project.