Making the Most of Rental Kitchen Design

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Making the Most of Rental Kitchen Design

If your client is renting a space, you can never go wrong with minimalist design, especially for short-term rental situations. But just because an individual won’t be in their space forever doesn’t mean they don’t want to make it feel like home while they’re there. And the kitchen is a space that ends up getting a lot of use. So it makes sense to take the time to put thought into rental kitchen design. What can you do to improve the space without making permanent changes?

No dining room? No problem

Small apartments and studio apartments often don’t have space for a separate dining room area. And the kitchen probably doesn’t have room for a typical dining table. But there are plenty of ways to design a rental kitchen so that your client doesn’t even notice the missing space.


One option is to utilize an existing countertop. If the kitchen has a counter with empty space beneath it, you can set up a couple of barstools. It makes a perfect eating spot for couples or singles who have a friend over occasionally. Louis Interiors makes custom counter stools and barstools in varying heights, styles, and wood finishes. You can get anything from the classic backless barstool, like our Barstool No. 298, to a design that looks more like a dining chair with longer legs, like Counter Stool No. 280. That helps you get the aesthetic your client is going for, whether it is just a casual and practical space or somewhere that looks a bit more intentional as a designated dining space.


If the kitchen doesn’t have a counter space like this, that’s also not a problem. There are plenty of simple to install fold down tables. And if your client doesn’t want to be responsible for repairs to the walls when they leave, they can even find freestanding tables that fold down. These are usually paired with a standard dining chair, but you can keep the vibe casual and trendy if you install a wall-mounted table somewhat higher to accommodate barstools instead.


All of the counter stools, barstools, and dining chairs from Louis Interiors are built to customer specifications. If you and your design clients are looking for something particular, just tell us what you’re looking for. We love working with new designs and making custom furniture for Toronto.

Don’t follow the rules

You can also suggest using the kitchen for out of the ordinary uses, or at least uses that don’t always immediately come to mind when we think of the kitchen. Why not make it a multifunctional room? The other “room” inside the kitchen does not necessarily have to be devoted to food and eating.


And you can accomplish this without putting up walls or making permanent changes to the area. If your client is okay with a few holes in the wall, you can add shelving to supplement cabinet space. And they don’t have to be limited to holding spices. Why not place books, notebooks, and pens there to create an office space or mini library? Or fill the shelves with paints, brushes, and canvases to create a painting studio. Or here’s an idea that actually does incorporate the food preparation aspect of a kitchen. Set up a small indoor vegetable or herb garden. Window sills and countertops are obvious choices of location and can add joy to the life of an urban garden enthusiast. The best designs take the interests of the client into mind, regardless of the amount of space or number of rooms available.


If you keep the space casual and open, the kitchen really can become a hub for meeting up and having conversation. Don’t be afraid to try out unusual furniture in the kitchen area, like a bench or ottoman to create more seating. Modular furniture is also becoming quite popular as a way to make any space in an apartment serve the function needed at the time. These pieces can often be moved around, added to, or folded away to create the ultimate multifunctional use of a small space.


Studies show that even as living spaces get smaller, the room taken up by kitchens is growing. Take advantage of the fact that kitchens are already being used for multiple functions. And take a look at how Toronto custom furniture makers can help you reinvent a rental kitchen space.