Restaurant Furniture New York

Get the Best New York Restaurant Furniture

The truth is that your guests see your restaurant furniture before they ever taste a bite of your food. And that means you need your furniture to make a lasting impression that evokes style and comfort. Make your guests want to keep coming back to your establishment for the distinctive ambience and delicious menu.

Quality New York restaurant furniture takes guests on a mini-vacation away from their own kitchens for a break from the usual.

Set Your Restaurant Apart from the Rest

With so many restaurants today going the predictable route of mass-produced assembly line furniture, you can easily make your business stand out by offering guests class and comfort with handcrafted restaurant furniture from Louis Interiors. When you plan your restaurant, you are building a unique atmosphere that makes your establishment stand out from other choices.

Custom restaurant furniture is an important aspect of that planning. And preparing your restaurant interior is similar to preparing excellent food. You make sure you know each of the ingredients that goes into the finished product.

When you design your custom furniture with Louis Interiors, you decide:

  • What style the furniture frame will be
  • Whether the frames are constructed primarily from wood or another material
  • What colour you would like the finished wood to be
  • Solid or patterned upholstery in any colour you choose
  • Whether to add accents and embellishments
Restaurant Furniture Options
You can play with many different furniture pairings when it comes to furnishing your restaurant dining area. Some of the restaurant furniture pieces we handcraft include:

Banquettes—for seating large groups of people at one table. A banquette often works well for a more casual or trendy atmosphere. However, we can upholster them in many different fabrics and colours, so don’t discount a banquette for more elegant and intimate settings, as well. A single smaller banquette set at a table can provide romantic seating for a couple.

Restaurant chairs—for seating that can easily be rearranged to accommodate various groups. Even if you prefer the look of banquettes, it is often a good idea to provide a few tables with chairs too. Tables with dining chairs offer more flexibility for removing a chair to meet the needs of a guest or for combining groups.

One important aspect to remember whether you select banquettes, dining chairs, or a combination of the two is to ensure that your seating complements the height of your tables. This is especially important if you will be using Louis Interiors seating with pre-existing tables. We are happy to measure the table dimensions to ensure that your seating fits just right.

Bar stools—to offer more than just a plain wooden stool at the bar. Our bar stools come in designs with or without backs. Show guests stopping for a pre-dinner or post-work drink that you’ve considered their comfort.

Furnishing Your Restaurant Entryway

Furnishing your restaurant does not stop at the dining area. You may also want to consider custom made furniture for your entryway or waiting area. Especially if your establishment often has a wait list, you want to give your guests a great impression while they wait for a table. Most people don’t like to wait, but you can make the experience more enjoyable by providing comfortable seating. In fact, an interesting looking bench or set of lounge chairs may give your patrons something to discuss while they wait.

We’re certain that your guests will have something to talk about when they see the thought you put into your custom restaurant furniture from Louis Interiors. They will immediately see the difference in the quality, craftsmanship, and class of our furniture.

A Superior Reputation in the Restaurant Industry

What makes us so different from other furniture manufacturers?

  • You tell us what you want rather than us showing you a limited offering.
  • Our restaurant furniture is crafted from solid wood, not cheap imitations.
  • We have been using traditional European handcrafting techniques for over 50 years.
  • We choose to use environmentally-friendly methods for sourcing our materials, including using locally-grown maple wood from sustainable forests.

Louis Interiors is a choice furniture supplier to restaurants across the US and Canada

Our years of experience and reputation attest to the fact that our clients recognize the superior quality that comes from paying attention to the details of each piece of furniture we craft.

When you design your custom restaurant furniture with us, you get high-end design, timely delivery, and the bragging rights that come along with knowing each piece of your furniture was built by hand by skilled professionals. Trust us when we say that your furniture from Louis Interiors will both look better and feel better than standard mass-produced pieces.

Additionally, you get real value in purchasing traditionally-made restaurant furniture. Assembly line pieces are often low quality and will need to be replaced within a few years. Restaurant furniture from Louis Interiors is made to last with commercial grade fabrics and durable materials. In fact, our wood stains are made to withstand spills, scuffs, and humidity. That means no stains, no mold, and your custom restaurant furniture will continue to look great for years to come.

We Create Restaurant Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.