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Restaurant Furniture from Toronto

When you purchase Louis Interiors restaurant furniture from Toronto, you know you are getting the highest quality and best craftsmanship. Guests will be coming into your restaurant every day, and you want to impress them with beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture. After all, your customers come to your restaurant for an eating experience that is set apart from the everyday of their own kitchens and dining rooms.

With Louis Interiors, you get custom designed pieces that are made with quality in mind through every step of the process. Each piece of your furniture starts with a custom design, custom cut wood, custom upholstery, and custom finishes. Everything is completed to your specifications. You know you won’t walk into another restaurant in town and see the same set.

You’ll get no mass-produced furniture here. We take care to craft each piece by hand, the traditional way. We’ve been doing it that way for over 50 years, and we intend to keep up that tradition of providing the best quality and value to our clients.

Take a look at a few of the features that set Louis Interiors apart from other manufacturers of restaurant furniture:

European Methods—We continue to use traditional European methods of building furniture by hand. Why? Because these methods have been proven again and again to create the highest quality, best looking, and longest lasting furniture available.

Comfort—Each part of our construction is done not only to enhance style, but to enhance the comfort of your furniture as well. The look is what gets guests into your restaurant, but comfort may be the difference between leaving quickly and staying for dessert.

Sustainable Soft Maple Frames—Soft maple is our wood of choice, and it’s stronger than it sounds. This wood is actually known for its durability. One of the best things about soft maple is that it can easily be stained to nearly any wood-tone you prefer. Additionally, at Louis Interiors we strive to leave as little impact on the environment as possible, so our wood is sourced from sustainable forests. That’s something that can make you feel even better about choosing us for your restaurant furniture!

Hand-Placed Springs—Your restaurant patrons will tell the difference in our hand-placed springs. They provide superior comfort to the drop-in machine-tied springs used in cheaper furniture. We pay attention to every detail, inside and out, and that’s why our furniture blows away the rest.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Design Your Whole Dining Area from Scratch

What’s true for food is true for furniture. You get the best quality when you know exactly what goes into it. With the professional team at Louis Interiors, you can get exactly the look you want for your restaurant. You’re a part of the design process and fabric selection. Choosing custom made restaurant furniture means that your dining and waiting areas will be as unique as you and your business. You’re the expert at feeding people; let us be your expert on seating them. We’ll guide you to make informed decisions regarding the best design and installation for your business.

Some of the products we provide include:

Benches for your lobby or waiting area


Lounge chairs

Bar stools

Dining chairs


Choosing Fabrics for Restaurant Furniture

You’re likely looking for durability when it comes to fabric for restaurant furniture. But, you want to make a great impression with your clientele, too. We can help you to choose fabric that meets your aesthetic expectations while determining what level of durability you need to stand up to restaurant traffic. The constant movement of people getting in and out of seats means your restaurant furniture needs the durability of commercial grade fabric. Our expert team has the experience to know what works best for your needs.

Superior Methods Breed Superior Furniture

We employ three distinct joinery methods to ensure that your piece isn’t affected by environmental factors, such as changes in air moisture. When constructing a piece, we consider which method will create the most durable construction for your restaurant furniture. Choosing the right joinery method adds years to the life of your furniture.

Additionally, our skilled craftspeople are experts at installing either eight-way hand tied springs or no-sag springs. We’ll make sure that your piece has the right spring structure for its purpose.

Achieving Class through Form and Function

High-end design encompasses both form and function. We make sure that your custom made restaurant furniture both looks and feels better than the generic pieces available in mass produced inventories. How do we do that? By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. In fact, Louis Interiors is a choice supplier for restaurants in both the US and Canada.

Beautiful Finishes

Spills happen at restaurants. That means your furniture needs to be durable enough to withstand being washed and wiped when a guest accidentally drips sauce off the edge of their plate. Our wood frames are finished with stains and lacquer that not only look stunning, but also make your restaurant furniture more resilient. Properly finishing the wood means that you don’t have to worry about discolouration, food stains, cracks, or mold. The lacquer both protects the wood and makes it easier to clean.


In addition to producing custom-made restaurant furniture, Louis Interiors also reupholsters existing pieces. If you already have furniture you’d like to use for your restaurant, but it needs new life given to it, we can modernize the look. Reupholstering doesn’t just mean slapping a new fabric on your chair or bench. We can revitalize the entire look and feel of your piece while maintaining most of the original frame. Reupholstering can be especially useful when you are updating the look of your restaurant or opening a new location. A few of the ways you can update the look of an existing piece are:

Choosing different material, colours, and patterns

Applying a different finish to the wood

Changing the trim

Adding new foam and cushions

Make a smart move for your restaurant. Choose Louis Interiors for superior restaurant furniture from Toronto. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions you have regarding design processes, manufacturing procedures, and how to order custom made furniture.

We Create Restaurant Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.