Selecting Cushion Filling: What You Need to Know

Selecting Cushion Filling: What You Need to Know

When you think of custom furniture, you may not put much thought into what fills the cushions. However, getting the right cushion filling means a longer lasting and better feeling piece of furniture. At Louis Interiors, you can do much more than just sit on our furniture to gauge the comfort level, we’ll tell you exactly what goes into our cushions and how we do it.

To get our unique luxurious comfort, we put something special in our furniture cushions—feathers and down. Down has long been the standard in luxurious bedding, but it doesn’t have to be relegated to the bedroom. In fact, Louis Interiors’ custom made furniture from Toronto can include a variety of down and feather blends in the cushions. If you’re looking for Toronto’s fine furniture, you can’t get a better quality and feel than down filled sofas, chairs, and chaise lounges.

You may be wondering why we use a down blend instead of 100 percent down. It’s easy. The truth is that more down does not necessarily equal more comfort. Down is an excellent insulator, which is why it is often used in duvets and winter jackets, but in seating it can lump together. The feathers add some stiffness and prevent the contents from packing down too much. By combining down and feathers, we’ve found the perfect level of comfort for any piece of furniture.

Take a look at what makes our custom made furniture unique:

Down vs. Feathers

The reason that furniture cushions with higher down content cost more money is not necessarily because more down is better. It’s because down is harder to come by than feathers—it’s a simple matter of supply rarity.

Down comes from the underbelly of a duck or goose and is basically smaller, softer feathers. However, any bird will have more feathers than down, and because of that, down is simply less abundant than feathers. Most down furniture is balanced with feathers to create a product with equilibrium between durability and comfort.

Our Customization Options

In order to get the right blend for your taste and particular piece of furniture, we offer several different standard down-feather blends for our customers to choose from. The various blends each have a different feel, and you may want to test each option before making a decision. The first number of the blend represents the percentage of down, and the second number is the percentage of feathers in the cushion.

  • 70/30
  • 50/50
  • 30/70

Louis Interiors blends all our own down and feathers on site, so although the three above are our standard options, any combination ratio can be achieved. Each of our blends offers superb quality and a comfort that you will want in all your furniture.

Other Luxurious Options

In addition to our down-feather blend cushions, we also make foam cushions with a Dacron wrap. Foam may not sound as sexy as down, but high quality foam cushions are a no-fuss option that’s perfect for furniture with sleek, simple lines. If you’re going for a modern aesthetic, these cushions are perfect for you!

When using a foam cushion filling with Dacron wrap, you get two layers. First, is the soft foam that creates a superb level of comfort. Outside of that, we place the Dacron. What is Dacron? It’s a synthetic material that firmly holds its shape without sacrificing your comfort. Rather than having flat, worn-out looking sofa or chair cushions, this wrap creates a full, uniform appearance. It has a slightly rounded exterior to give your cushions an air of fluffy decadence, and you won’t need to beat the cushions to re-fluff them.

When you choose a piece of furniture with our Dacron-wrapped foam, you don’t have to worry about the stunning aesthetic becoming less than stunning as the furniture gets used. Dacron will hold its shape and will not crush or create a permanent dent in your seating. You will not find a worn in dip in your favorite spot; your furniture looks fabulous no matter how often you use it. We recommend our Dacron-wrapped foam cushions for all of our customers in the hospitality industry! It stands up to the traffic of your guests.

With Louis Interiors’ custom furniture you get:

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Luxury
  • And options

Come to Louis Interiors today and try out the cushion options for our fine furniture from Toronto. Each piece of furniture is custom made to your specifications. You choose the design. You choose the style. You choose the materials.