Working with the Right Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

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Working with the Right Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Suppliers of quality hotel furniture in Toronto are not as common as furniture suppliers for residences. That means you have fewer options to choose from, and it is even more important that you find a hotel furniture manufacturer that can provide the level of service you need in order to fully please your guests. After all, every business that you work with in order to make your hotel what you want takes a part in making your guests’ experiences. How do you know if you’re working with the right hotel furniture manufacturer? Here’s our advice.

Client care

When you are working with a hotel furniture manufacturer, you are their client. But in order to provide you with excellent service, they have to be able to think down the chain about what your clients need. And your clients are the hotel guests. A quality furniture provider understands the industry you work in and takes an interest in hospitality trends as much as in furniture construction. This allows them to anticipate your needs and provide the best possible service.

One thing to look for is how the company treats you, their own client. Their customer service towards you will trickle down to the end pieces they provide for your hotel. Even though your guests will never directly see the customer service that your hotel furniture manufacturer provides, they will experience better service when you are being served well. Alternately, they will experience a less pleasant stay when you are unsatisfied with the service your business has received.


Once you find a good manufacturer for your furniture, you will likely want to stick with the same company. It provides a level of convenience and stability to have a trusted partner you can work with in furnishing your hotel. And that is precisely why you want to look for a furniture provider that creates consistent pieces. You should be able to count on the quality of craftsmanship, source materials, and service every time you contact your furniture manufacturer.

The advantage of working with one company is that you can build a relationship (much like you strive to do with your hotel’s guests). That relationships allows your hotel furniture manufacturer to understand what you look for in a piece and what will work well with your existing aesthetic. Additionally, when you need to replace a piece with something that matches the room décor, you know where to get the same or a similar item.


Custom furniture has a reputation for being expensive, but that is not always the case. You will find may advantages to working with a custom furniture manufacturer like Louis Interiors. For one thing, you will have no problem matching your furniture to your décor theme in precisely the way you want. Rather than shopping around for just the right piece, you tell us exactly what you want in your hotel furniture. And we can make as many of the same design that you desire. In fact, that is part of the second advantage of working with us. If something happens to one of your furniture pieces, we are able to use the existing blueprint to create another piece just like it, according to your time frame and needs. And you will never wait around for us to “get that piece of furniture in”. Your order is made for you when you ask for it.

Getting your hotel furniture from a custom furniture provider opens a range of possibilities to you and your guests. If you are looking for the best, you can’t get a more personalized touch than furniture designed precisely for your guests and their needs. One of the most commonly cited ways to improve your hotel is to survey guests about what they liked and what they want to see. Custom hotel furniture allows you to give guests exactly the experience they are wanting.

For hotel furniture that makes your guests feel like they are living in luxury, call us today and talk to one of our skilled designers about what you are looking for. We love to hear your ideas for making Toronto hotel décor stand above the rest.