Built with Passion
A blend of traditional European emphasis on quality, values, and impeccable service is why Louis Interiors continues to be a choice supplier for hotels, restaurants, and interior designers across the United States and Canada.

Although we live in an era of mass production, all Louis Interiors furniture remains a creation of human hands. We continue to utilize the European method of crafting furniture, which puts the utmost emphasis on quality and realizing the vision of the customer. The finished product is soft to touch, but tough and built to last.  In order to bring you furniture piece to life, Louis Interiors offers a number of services to expedite the process and ensure your vision is fully realized. These services include: shop drawings, site measures, prototypes, and custom finishes.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Shop drawings

Detailed high quality drawings for designer or client review. Giving you the opportunity for final approval before production begins.

Site Measure

Produce template for complex shapes and verify shop drawings against field conditions, in order to adjust construction appropriately.


Manufacture full product mock-ups, in white cotton or select fabric, in order to review the aesthetic, comfort, and scale.

Custom Finishes

Produce non-standard finishes at no upcharge, as well as finish matching to ensure a unified look within your project.

Fabric Shipping
Ship to:

Louis Interiors Inc.
1283 Caledonia Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada. M6A 2X7

Shipping Instructions:

All COM fabrics should be shipped freight prepaid and tagged with Louis Interiors’ order acknowledgment number. Please make sure to include: Customer name, address, and purchase order number.

For Fabric Custom Clearance, please contact:

4300 Jean Talon West
Montreal, Quebec, H4P 1W3
(T) 514.982.3218
(F) 1.866.982.3731

To assure quick clearance by our broker, a commercial invoice describing the goods (E.G. 100% Leather, etc.) and the value, should be attached to the Bill of Lading.

We Create Custom Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.