Our Company

Esblished in 1961

Louis Interiors has been manufacturing quality upholstered furniture for over 50 years. Established in 1961, Louis Interiors quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing hand crafted luxury furniture and upholstered seating. All Louis Interiors pieces are made to order allowing the customer the freedom to customize the dimensions, shape, form, fabric, and finish. The quality craftsmanship, timely production, and freedom of design have made Louis Interiors a choice furniture supplier among world-class restaurants, hoteliers, and interior designers.

Proper Execution

Our commitment to delivery schedules, competitive pricing, and excellent quality, ensures satisfied customers.

Excellent Standards

Louis Interiors has gone Green! Now making custom furniture with sustainable materials and carefully managing our carbon and waste output.

Creative Ideas

Our innovative solutions to complex furniture designs help us create even the most intricate furniture pieces. Providing detailed Shop Drawings to help the client visualize the final product.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Louis Interiors Inc. is committed to practicing sound and responsible manufacturing, both in the selection of new materials and in the construction process. We are committed to support LEED principles in product manufacturing.

Our products and processes include: Hardwood frames made from kiln dried maple from sustainable forests, Wood cut offs used for energy generation, Sawdust is supplied to local farms for animal bedding, Foam is Soya based, CFC free and applied using water based adhesive, Stains for wood finishing are water based, Shipping is done using -blanket wrapped- service reducing the cardboard required.