Luxury Furniture

Toronto Based Luxury Furniture Company

What do we mean when we say Louis Interiors is a Toronto luxury furniture company? Quite frankly, our fine furniture from Toronto is the best you can get. We provide custom made furniture from durable materials that are made to last. We use time tested methods that have proven again and again to make furniture of the highest quality. And, each piece we create offers you the comfort and stunning style you expect in high end furniture. Our designs utilize sleek lines in supple leather and vibrant fabrics.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Customer Service

Our exceptional customer service stands us apart from other luxury furniture manufacturers. Our dedicated team is always willing to go the extra step to educate our clients on their options and how to determine the quality of fabrics, springs, woods and other materials. In addition, we keep you informed about your custom made luxury furniture pieces throughout the entire process. You’re involved in the concepting and design, and we don’t start production until the design specifications exactly match what you want.

With Louis Interiors, you get:

High-end style

Excellent craftsmanship

Intrinsic value

Control over the end product

Furniture completed on time

50+ years of experience

Furniture with Personality

Nothing says luxury like uniquely designed furniture. When you choose Louis Interiors, you’re guaranteed not to find anyone else with quite the same item as you. Each piece you order from us is stamped with your personality and built with our guarantee of quality and durability. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, leathers, colours, wood stains, and embellishments. You want your home or business to speak to your sense of class, and we aren’t satisfied until you are.

If you’re not quite ready to give up a family heirloom or piece of furniture with life left in it, consider our reupholstery services. We give the same level of attention to your older furniture as we do to each original piece we design and produce. You can retain the frame while getting a totally new looking piece. No one will believe that it’s the same old loveseat or lounge chair after we complete its makeover! With our reupholstery services, you still have access to all our high-quality materials and expertise.

European Production Methods

Well-built hardwood maple frames and hand-tied springs are the foundation of each of our fine furniture items. We still use traditional European furniture construction methods rather than modern mass-production techniques. Why? The answer lies in the quality of our furniture. These time-tested techniques quite simply provide superior comfort, style, and longevity to our fine furniture from Toronto. We know that you don’t look for luxury furniture for your home or office in order to get the same cookie-cutter look you can find anywhere. The fine furniture of the past provided people with a multitude of unique styles, and we want to carry on that tradition by blending old-world methods with modern aesthetics.

Take a look at some of the techniques we incorporate into our furnishings:

Handcrafted Construction—Every piece of furniture from Louis Interiors is crafted by hand by our skilled artisans. From start to finish, nothing we do is automated or completed using mass-production techniques. Our frames? Cut and joined by hand. Our stains and lacquers? Applied by hand. Our fabrics? They’re all hand cut with perfectly surged edges.

Solid Wood Frames—You won’t find plywood or particleboard at Louis Interiors. Each item is constructed of kiln-dried soft maple wood, a durable hardwood that creates a sturdy frame for any piece of furniture. Our kiln-dried maple is sourced from sustainable forests and works well with a variety of stains and lacquers to get the look you desire.

Hand-tied Springs—You can feel the difference in springs placed in a traditional method, such as the eight-way hand-tied coil springs we use in sofas, loveseats, and other furnishings. Springs have been placed using this method for decades, and for good reason. They simply provide superior comfort and support to the drop-in machine-tied springs being used in some modern production processes. Our furniture, in contrast to the mass produced variety, is made to last for generations.

What Makes Our Fine Furniture Stand Out

Our furniture designs boast sophisticated visual elements that start at the very beginning. Sturdy frames in modern shapes are covered with eco-friendly CFC-free foam padding for comfort that doesn’t take its toll on the environment. We then apply the finest fabrics available from top textile manufacturers, and our expert sewers complete the look with perfect seams. Our professional craftspeople also have the knowledge and experience to apply beautiful embellishments, making your luxury furniture one-of-a-kind.

Here are a few of the embellishments we use:

Tufted Fabric and Leather—Whichever material you choose to cover your custom furniture, we can add tufting for a luxurious visual effect. Tufting can be done either with buttons or without. Our team ensures that the tufting is always properly aligned, for a visually pleasing finish.

Decorative Upholstery Nails—These nails serve double-duty by enhancing the durability of your furniture, as well as creating a unique aesthetic. They look great on many furnishings, including dining chairs, sofas, and barstools. Our upholstery nails are always hand-driven so that we can ensure each detail is just right.

Contrasting Welts—Welts can be sewn into the seams of cushions and backs using a contrasting color or different variety of material. This allows the seams to be not only functional, but also a part of the design itself. The end result is furniture that you’ll fall in love with.

Are you looking for custom luxury furniture to set your home décor apart? Or, perhaps you need a trademark look for your restaurant or hotel? Whether for residential or commercial needs, Louis Interiors takes each project seriously to give you the most luxurious fine furniture from Toronto. We’ve been pleasing clients across the US and Canada for decades, and we know you’ll love the look and feel of our stunning furnishings. Browse our catalog today, and let us know exactly what you’re looking for to satisfy your fine furniture needs.

We Create Luxurious Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.