Luxury Furniture New York

Find Your Luxury Furniture in NYC

NYC is a mecca of luxury and culture in North America, and Louis Interiors recognizes the need for residential and commercial luxury furniture throughout New York. Our furniture is crafted with today’s sophisticated client in mind, which is why we include you in the design process and leave your design options wide open.

The biggest trend in luxury furniture today is to stray from trends and display your own distinctive style, and with custom made furniture from Louis Interiors you can do that. Unlike other luxury furniture manufacturers, each piece we craft is customised to your exact specifications. No limited showroom pieces. Just your own one-of-a-kind luxury furniture.

What Distinguishes New York Luxury Furniture?

It is our opinion at Louis Interiors that luxury entails three distinct aspects: form, feel, and function.

Form—We keep expanding our designs, finding new ways to incorporate sleek lines and vibrant colours into our handcrafted furniture. Each of our luxury furniture pieces is crafted from kiln-dried soft maple wood. It is a hard wood that takes well to many colours of stain and lacquer, making it a versatile resource for getting just the right style.

We look all over the globe for the best textile mills to provide high-quality fabrics and intriguing patterns to be used on our sofas, chairs, and chaises. We even offer reupholstering services to breathe new life into your antique furniture or other existing pieces.

At Louis Interiors, we also offer genuine leather in various shades to match any room of your home or office. Nothing speaks sophistication louder than a high-quality leather armchair. And you never have to worry about getting lesser quality leathers or being tricked into buying a faux leather chair or sofa.

Of course, for areas where genuine leather is impractical, we also offer vinyl options that can create a bold look in any room.

Feel—In addition to making your piece look spectacular, we also take the time to make sure it feels luxurious, as well. After all, what good is beautiful furniture that is not comfortable enough to use?

You can tell a quality genuine leather sofa or chair by the fact that the leather gets softer with time. Faux or poor quality leather, on the other hand, tends to harden, dry, and crack over time. Choosing genuine leather upholstery for your furniture gives you a luxury feel that you will not experience with any other type of furniture. It is truly a unique experience.

Additionally, we take care in choosing the best filling for our luxury furniture cushions. We use environmentally-friendly foams that hold their shape while also providing comfort. Using a quality foam filling ensures that your luxury furniture will last for many years without wearing down or becoming less comfortable.

We also offer down and feather blend cushions. And we understand the importance of getting just the right proportions. Too much down, and your cushions will not hold their shape. Too many feathers, and they will not be soft enough. Louis Interiors is an expert at giving cushions just the right blend for an ultimate luxury experience.

Function—Comfort is certainly an aspect of function, but there is more to it than that. Aside from looking and feeling great, you can be confident that any piece of luxury furniture you order from Louis Interiors will be durable enough for the function it plays in your home or business.

We offer quality commercial grade fabrics for restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. These textiles are made with tightly-woven threads and sturdy stitching that will not wear down after repeated friction from a large number of guests coming and going at your establishment.

And every piece of furniture we construct, for residential or commercial use, is crafted by hand using traditional European furniture making techniques. We put together the frames by hand. We tie the springs by hand. And we apply the finishing touches by hand. That means we can ensure durability in every piece along each step of the process.

Luxury furniture from Louis Interiors will not only hold up for years, it will do so while continuing to look beautiful and feel luxurious.

The Extra Touch of Luxury
In addition to handcrafting luxury furniture for New York, Louis Interiors also delivers on our promise of excellent customer service. And that truly is a luxury in our fast-paced world. We take the time with each client to help you through the design and selection process. We listen as you tell us exactly what you want.

In fact, if we do not offer a fabric pattern or colour that you are looking for, we will get the fabric you select shipped to our location so we can make sure the finished piece meets your expectations.

Of course, we understand that not everyone is a design expert, so we are happy to educate our clients on all of the options available for your custom luxury furniture order. We will walk you through wood types and finishes, cushion fillings, fabrics, stitching options, and embellishments that can be added.

But do not let your options intimidate you. You can also simply bring in a photo or sketch of what you want, and we will make it happen. You don’t have to know all the technical details if you don’t want to.

Louis Interiors brings over five decades of luxury furniture design and craftsmanship to your NYC apartment or business.

Start building a furniture set that reflects your distinctive personality today. You can’t get a more luxurious furniture experience than high-end pieces made just for you.

Put simply, the detail that truly makes our luxury furniture stand out is you. Are you ready to experience the highest level of luxury? If your answer is yes, then it is time for you to look at what Louis Interiors offers—handcrafted pieces, real solid wood frames, individualized attention, and custom designs from classic to cutting edge.

We Create Luxury Furniture That Speaks to Your Style.