Condo Furniture Showdown: Minimalism vs. Maximalism

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Condo Furniture Showdown: Minimalism vs. Maximalism

We’ve talked before about the benefits of finding right-size furniture for your apartment, small home, or condo. Many people, when faced with a small space, opt for a minimalist décor. And, it’s true that choosing a minimalist scheme can open up your small space and make it feel roomier. However, just because you have a small home doesn’t mean you have to choose to part with your most beloved objects. In fact, some designers and individuals are bucking the de-cluttering trend and going to the opposite extreme with maximalism.

Minimalism or maximalism—which design style is right for your small space? Find out in this condo furniture showdown.

Minimalism basics

You’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the tenets of minimalism already. Colour schemes tend to be neutral or calming shades, and wall prints are kept to a minimum, if used at all. Blinds or simple pull down shades are the preferred window dressing—or even no covering over the windows at all.

Each piece of furniture in minimalist design has a practical use, and each object is analyzed to determine whether it has earned a place in your home, in order to keep surfaces mostly bare and dust-free. The minimalist approach often appeals to people seeking a calming home environment or who feel frazzled by the demands of their daily life.

Maximalism basics

Maximalism, on the other hand, is a design approach that embraces the crazy, hectic, frenetic pace of life. The home is still a haven, but rather than trying to keep clutter out, the maximalist home celebrates the memories that each object brings. That is not to say a maximalist décor is messy. Items still have their places. There’s simply no maximum on how many items can take up a particular area.

And, it’s not just about objects. Maximalist design also embraces an abundance of colours, prints, and accessories. It can even be opulent, like nineteenth century design. Many designers and individuals who go with a maximalist space use an eclectic approach. They simply put in the colours, designs, and objects that bring the most joy to a space.

Some of the concepts you can expect in a maximalist space include:

  • Boldly painted ceilings
  • Ceiling and wall murals
  • Colourful flooring
  • Cherished objects on multiple surfaces (desks, coffee tables, end tables)
  • Bold or patterned furniture

Furnishing your small space in the way that works for you

Both approaches to décor can create a happy atmosphere in your condo, apartment, or small home. The point is that a small space doesn’t have to limit your creativity or possessions. Of course, fewer items fit into a smaller space, but if minimalism doesn’t work for you, there’s no need to feel pressured to part with anything.

What you can do to save space is consider custom condo furniture. This small-scale furniture is just as high-quality and luxurious as our other furniture pieces. But, it’s made to be easily transported into your home and fit the dimensions of your rooms.

Fortunately, when you purchase our custom furniture from Toronto, you’re in control of the look of your furniture. There’s no limiting showroom stock here. Instead, you call the shots every step of the way. Determine the type of fabric or leather you’d like to upholster your piece with. Choose any colour you desire, from calming neutrals to bright purples and oranges. Like patterns? We’ll work with them. And, if you don’t see what you like here, we’re always happy to have a fabric you’ve purchased somewhere else shipped to our location for use on your custom furniture piece.

Space-saving condo furniture

Are you going minimalist but aren’t yet ready to part with a few things? We offer custom furniture built with hidden storage, so you can keep your space looking sparse without throwing out items you’re still attached to. Just tuck them away inside a storage ottoman or a custom banquette in the kitchen.

What about the maximalist who just has too many items to display? Condo furniture with built-in storage works great for you, too! Rotate your collection by moving items in and out of the storage compartments. Or, simply hide away items that have sentimental value but you don’t want to display to visitors.

Size does not limit design. Condo furniture can be Zen and minimalist. And, it can create more room for the stuff you love. Talk to the professionals at Louis Interiors today to find out what kind of custom condo furniture we can build for you.