Set Up a Boho Office Space to Increase Productivity

Set Up a Boho Office Space to Increase Productivity

Relaxing throughout the day makes employees more productive.

Several recent studies have shown that taking breaks during the day increases productivity and work output. What that means is that spending time being away from work tasks will help workers to get more done when they come back to those tasks. In fact, their total daily productivity is higher when they complete tasks during their most productive time periods, interrupted by breaks, than when slogging through a whole day of tasks without stopping.

This idea was taken to the extreme by a fiction writer named Rachel Aaron, who explains how she writes 10,000 words per day. For those of you unfamiliar with word per day productivity, 10,000 words of fiction in a single day is unheard of.
How did she do this? She did it by crunching the numbers–her productivity numbers to be precise. She kept track of how many words she wrote each hour, and she analyzed those numbers to see which hours she wrote the most words because her productivity was not the same every hour. She then organized her day to only work during the hours she was most productive. This, along with a few other changes to how she worked, massively increased her work efficiency.

You can help your employees block their own time into their most productive times for certain tasks and the best times for breaks. They’ll have to figure out what works for each of them individually, but you can help by providing inviting break areas and letting employees know that breaks are encouraged.

Boho break areas for a relaxing atmosphere

Many people, the 10,000 words per day author included, find that they are more productive not only at certain times, but also in certain areas. For that reason, it makes sense to decorate break areas to look different from the work areas in your office. The break areas should clearly be separate spaces, where work can be temporarily forgotten.

What this does is allows your employees to feel like they are entering a separate space when they are on break, and that they feel they are entering an area for work when they head back to their tasks. Breaking up spaces in this way helps people to get into the right mindset.

Boho, or Bohemian, décor is most often associated with a casual, relaxed atmosphere. And that makes it a perfect option for break area design. The great thing about Boho design is that it embraces eclectic décor, allowing you to bring in different kinds of pieces you or your employees may enjoy. The trick with this is not to overdo it and let things get cluttered. Having a space that is not entirely cohesive may help employees enter a more creative state of mind, which can help when they go back to their tasks.

Designer furniture for your Boho break room

Here are some luxury furniture suggestions to get your productivity-increasing break areas under way.

Brown leather sofa

Bohemian style typically includes lots of natural elements and materials. A brown leather sofa is not out of place in any office, but it also creates a perfect neutral background piece in a room with lots of other colours or textures. Leather is a smooth surface, and brown will look good with pretty much any other colours you add to the room. Leather will also give your employees a sense of luxury that other textiles can’t match.


A daybed might look a little out of place in an office, which is why it makes a great eclectic choice for a break room–it’s unexpected. A good way to utilize this piece of furniture in your office is to create a room for napping.


You don’t see ottomans often in offices, but you do see them in a lot of Boho-themed homes. It’s a great choice for creating a relaxing area. Put some ottomans with a textured of patterned fabric in front of the brown leather sofa to create a bit of that eclectic feel you’re going for. They look cozy, and they double as footrests or extra seating.

Luxury furniture can definitely be casual. After all, what’s more luxurious than having time to relax? Talk to our designer furniture team in Toronto to get the Boho pieces you need for your office.