Facts about Soft Maple and Why…

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Facts about Soft Maple and Why…

Facts about Soft Maple and Why It’s the Perfect Wood for Your Custom Furniture

When it comes to maple wood for furniture, you usually see two varieties available: hard maple and soft maple. What’s the difference? Well, they may come from different species of the maple tree family, but they are actually both hard woods and make excellent furniture.

Maybe you’re wondering why we’re so adamant about using soft maple in our custom furniture from Toronto. The experts at Louis Interiors are here to clue you in on the advantages of crafting your unique piece with this sturdy wood. Once you know the facts, you’ll have no doubt that maple wood is a superior choice for your home, restaurant, or office.

What’s the Deal with the Name?

Don’t be alarmed when you hear that we use “soft” maple in your furniture. The chair will not collapse underneath you! The wood is only soft in comparison to hard maple. It is still harder, stronger, and more durable than many other varieties of wood. Some woods make beautiful accents on furniture, but they do not stand up to the test of time like kiln-dried soft maple wood.

Here are the facts about why soft maple is the perfect wood for your custom furniture:

It’s more sustainable. Because soft maple wood can be sourced from several different trees in the maple family, it is available in much larger quantities than hard maple. Also, it grows about twice as fast as its cousin, hard maple! That means as trees are harvested, new growth can quickly take its place. Its availability and quick growth make it a sustainable wood for companies that want to keep a consistent quality in their custom furniture.

That sustainability means that when you order a matching set of custom made furniture, you get a consistent appearance. Whether you need a table and dining chairs set or a matched sofa and armchair pair, you’ll have access to the best maple wood available.

It saves you money. Despite its numerous advantages, soft maple is actually less expensive than many other woods used in custom made furniture from Toronto and across North America. It’s like the determined underdog that’s always delivering results but just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

The price of soft maple does not mean it’s an inferior wood. In many ways, it outperforms other wood species when it comes to making high-end furniture. The primary reason for its lower price tag is simply that it is a common wood in North America. That means your furniture is not only unique, it conveys heritage and pride in the place you live.

It’s versatile. Soft maple can be used in nearly any piece of furniture you desire. It is easy to cut and shape for unique furniture designs. The kiln-dried wood is resilient against warping, molding, or cracking over the years or in differing humidity levels. Additionally, it works well with stains and lacquers, so it can also be used on visible wood accents. Hard maple, on the other hand, does not take stains well. It can be a beautiful wood on its own, but it is not quite as versatile when you’re talking about custom furniture pieces to suit a variety of individual tastes.

What this means for your custom made furniture piece is that you can get exactly the look you want. You are not limited to the wood’s natural colour. And, a light finish versus darker finish can make all the difference in setting the mood of your room.

Still not convinced that our durable kiln-dried maple is right for your custom furniture? Check out these quick and dirty details about how our custom furniture makers in Toronto work:

  • Every piece is constructed by hand.
  • Upholstery is hand cut to your specifications.
  • We use multiple joinery methods to ensure your frame’s integrity.
  • You are a part of the design process from beginning to end.

At Louis Interiors, we only use high-quality, sustainable, solid soft maple in each of our furniture frames. We’re confident in its ability to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind