Furnishing Your Boutique Hotel

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Furnishing Your Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are an interesting new option in the hospitality industry. They play a role between the big luxury hotels of the city and the cozy bed and breakfasts of small towns. The boutique hotel finds that happy middle ground where luxury and comfort meet perfectly. It’s no wonder that guests have high expectations when selecting a boutique hotel. And one of the best ways to make an exceptional impression is to furnish your hotel appropriately to set the tone for their stay. Here are our top tips for furnishing your boutique hotel.

Consider various pieces

Because a boutique hotel is relatively small—between ten to one hundred rooms—it is manageable to form a consistent theme while creating variety among the guest quarters. That means you can have rooms with different looks for your guests to choose from. And what could possibly be more luxurious than having options to suit particular tastes?

What you want to get away from with boutique hotel furniture is the look of cheap, cookie-cutter furniture. Pieces made from solid wood frames make a statement about the quality of your hotel. A wood framed bed with a signature headboard is the perfect way to create a relaxing and luxurious setting for your guests.

Our team of hotel furniture manufacturers at Louis Interiors can help you to select various bed frame styles, headboard accents, and wood finishes to give each of your guests a unique experience. And this is a great way to get them coming back to see the other rooms! Having a variety of pieces creates a curiosity in your guests about what is in the room next door. They will anticipate coming back to your hotel again and again.

Create a niche for yourself

Even with various pieces, a boutique hotel needs a cohesive theme. There are many different “styles” you can shape your hotel into. Here are a few ideas, as well as hotel furniture options to suit them.

  • Romantic—The romantic hotel obviously caters to couples getting away for a weekend or a vacation. To set up this theme you want your furniture to be plush and dramatic. Thick upholstery in deep jewel shades works well. You don’t want anything to bright. Think colour tones that blend into the night. But do avoid overdoing dark colours. Instead, use neutrals and leave the deep shades for your signature pieces, like the bed linens, curtains, and arm chairs.
  • Spa—A spa atmosphere makes a nice relaxation getaway for individuals or couples. Colours are typically in the cool spectrum, utilizing white, blue, and grey, but many other colours can also work to make a soothing aesthetic. Furniture that utilizes simple shapes and comfortable upholstery are the perfect complement to the atmosphere. Natural wood, like the soft maple wood we use in our furniture frames, creates the inviting feel of nature and fresh air indoors.
  • At home in the city—Hotels in the city can seem very anonymous, like they are part of the commercial district. But you can absolutely set up a small boutique hotel right in the heart of the city. It makes an unexpected escape for business travelers and city explorers. A boutique hotel in the city can set itself apart by offering modern conveniences, the feeling of exclusivity and more privacy because of the smaller number of guests, and close access to businesses and entertainment destinations.

This type of hotel does well with a fun but sophisticated atmosphere that utilizes sleek design. A simple loveseat in a bold colour in the lobby can emphasize both the fun vibe and the intentional smallness of the space.

Louis Interiors can make your boutique hotel stand out and attract high quality clientele with our custom made furniture options, including arm chairs, bed frames, headboards, and sofas. Take a look at our online catalogue to start getting ideas for furnishing your boutique hotel with exclusive pieces from one of the top hotel furniture manufacturers, Louis Interiors.